Instant Read Thermometer - 1 in.

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  • HIC Roasting s Meat Thermometer instantly reads internal temperatures to cook meat properly and keep it juicy while roasting to a golden brown outside
  • Made from stainless steel; BPA-free plastic; NSF approved; shatterproof face; sheath with re-calibration function maintains accuracy without a wrench
  • Instantly read temps (0-220-degrees Fahrenheit); protective antimicrobial sheath with safe temperature guide; perfect for beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and game
  • Insert pointed end into thickest part of the meat (at least 1.5-inches) without touching the bone and wait for pointer to stop moving (5-10 seconds)
  • Ensures food safety in grilling, rotisserie, and slow cooking methods, too; compact for easy storage; temps in Fahrenheit and Celsius; dishwasher safe